Resources & Services for Seniors

Aging Terms

LifeSpan has provided this list of Aging Terms which you may see in our marketing materials, applications, website, or when researching options for older adults in Allegheny County.  Should you need assistance with other terminology, please contact one of our Information & Assistance Specialists.

ACRONYM: Definition

AAA: Area Agency on Aging
ARA: Activities and Referral Action (SAMS entry)
CA: Case Aide
CG: Caregiver
CHC: Community Health Choices
CM: Care Manager
CMA: Care Management Assistant
NCMS: Non-Congregate Meal Service
NCMSS: Non-Congregate Meal Service Specialist
CP: Care Plan
CS: Center Services (a program of LifeSpan – Senior Centers)
CSP: Cost Share Percentage
DHS/AAA: Department of Human Services/Area Agency on Aging
ECM: Emergency Care Management (Event)
ECM: Enhanced Care Manager (Person)
FCSP: Family Caregiver Support Program
HV: Home Visit I & A Specialist Information & Assistance Specialist ID: Intellectual Disability
IMO: Integrated Mobile Office (the range of technology available to CM, i.e., laptops, smart phones, network, hotspots)
ISP: Individual Service Plan LCD Level of Care Determination
LOC: Level of Care LTSS Long Term Services and Supports
MH: Mental Health
MLTSS: Managed Long Term Services and Supports
MOU: Memorandum of Understanding
MOW/HDM: Meals on Wheels/Home Delivered Meals (a program of LifeSpan)
NAT: Needs Assessment Tool
NFCE: Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible
NFI: Nursing Facility Ineligible
OLTL: Office of Long Term Living
PRT: Participant
PRT/CG: Participant/Caregiver
PS: Protective Services
QI: Quality Improvement
QIP: Quality Improvement Plan
SAMS: Social Assistance Management System (the PA Dept. of Aging mandated data base for aging agencies)
SBA: Strength Based Assessment
SBCM: Strength Based Care Management
SC: Service Coordinator Share Point A Software Productivity Tool
SP: Service Plan